4 - Garage Facility with 8-Vehicle Garage and Bowling Alley (Built to German Federal Specifications)


  This building was also constructed in 1992 in the same style as the Carport Area described below. On its ground floor it offers a three-sectioned garage for vehicles with a total of 8 parking spaces (133.10 m²), as well as a storage room for accessories (7.90 m²). Another, larger garage (which could accommodate a van or other over-sized vehicle) has been outfitted as a carwash facility (34.20 m²), complete with a gasoline- and oil-separator.
On the finished top floor is a bowling alley (179.40 m²) built to German federal specifications, together with a fully outfitted wet bar. The bowling alley is heated by an electric ceiling radiation system. The ceiling in this space is also back-ventilated and insulated.