Technical Systems

Oil-fired hot water – central heating system with heat recovery and hot water preparation systems.

Water Heater Manufacturer:



Stated Heat Output:  

170 kW

Oil Burner Manufacturer   Elektro-Oil
Year of Manufacture for Heating System:   1991
Fireplace Central Heating System:   In operation, with new clay pipes and insulation.
Heating Oil Storage:   double-walled 18,000 l heating oil storage tank in a neighboring building, 4,000 l plastic reserve tank in furnace room.
Radiators:   Steel pipe radiators with thermostatic valves and return-shutoff valves.
Piping System:   Steel pipes for heating system, all systems under plaster or beneath corridors, sophisticated, state of the art electronic controls for heating system.

Electric Installations:

All wiring for the lighting, high-voltage and low-voltage systems has been brought fully up to code and is located behind plaster walls. All rooms are equipped with the required lighting sockets, power outlets, etc. in the required quantities. The main entrance to the building is equipped with an intercom system and security camera. All rooms are equipped with telephone jacks.

Sanitary Installations:

As shown on the castle floorplans, the Neues Schloss offers the quantity and quality of full- and half-bath facilities that would be expected of such an exclusive property. Fully renovated sanitary installations, full- and half-baths, etc. with modern ventilation and luxurious appointments, Solnhofner marble slab flooring, lavish wall tiling, forced-air ventilation, furnished with fixtures and accessories of superior quality.

Kitchen Facilities:

Main kitchen on second floor:
Elegant ceramic tile flooring, built-in, stainless steel kitchen cabinetry, and all modern household and kitchen appliances, centrally located and generously sized Palux brand kitchen exhaust fan.

Kitchen in Guest Apartments on Top Floor:
Both guest apartments on the top floor are equipped with kitchen facilities, which are fully outfitted with modern home appliances and features.