Neues Schloss Sugenheim



The Neues Schloss property comprises 6 different buildings.

The Neues Schloss consists of the longer, two-storey main building and the added eastern wing, the three-storey Alexanderbau Wing. On the ground floor of the main building are seminar and banquet facilities and a small chapel. On the second floor are salons of various sizes and access to the guest apartment on the top floor.

The second floor of the Alexanderbau Wing offers a variety of guestrooms with ensuite full-baths and access to a separate, three-room maisonette apartment on the two floors above.

Across from the main entrance is the Rosenhaus, an indoor/outdoor event space. To the left of the Rosenhaus is a spacious carport area, with a large-capacity garage and an adjacent 8-vehicle garage facility. A bowling alley (built to German federal specifications) and wet bar are located above the garage. To the right of the Rosenhaus is the barn (currently in need of renovation).

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Scheune Scheune Schlosspark
Rosenhaus Rosenhaus Schlosspark
Carport Hauptgebäuede Hauptgebäuede Alexanderbau
Garagen Garagen Hauptgebäuede Hauptgebäuede Alexanderbau
Garagen Garagen Alexanderbau