The grounds of the Neues Schloss encompass a rolling gravel driveway, with multiple lanes and a well-maintained grove of trees. In the driveway stands a beautiful, monumental, fountain-like trough planter from the 19. Century. The western gateway to the castle courtyard has wrought-iron gates, and the pedestrian gateway has an electric control system. An intercom system and a security camera system are located at the gateway’s sandstone pylons with tin caps.

The eastern gateway to the Schlosspark (Castle Gardens) is similar to that described above, but it has grooved ashlars topped by decorative spherical forms and is without electrical or security systems.

The restored pond with a new fountain is circled by a new gravel path. A bridge built at the end of the 19. Century adorns the pond. Lighted garden paths with beautiful old trees, as well as a number of more recently planted exotics adorn the Schlosspark. The Schlosspark is surrounded by a simple, approximately 1.30 m high wood fence of debarked round beams.