The Neues Schloss zu Sugenheim (New Castle of Sugenheim, hereafter referred to as the “Neues Schloss”) is a German historic landmark, the first known documentation of which was in the year 1376.

This representative noble residence of the von Seckendorff family is the result of a full renovation undertaken in the years 1746 - 1749. The property remained in the hands of the von Seckendorffs until 1972.

Following the sale of the property, the new owners divided the property into two parts, the Neues Schloss and the Altes Schloss. In 1990 - 1993, extensive renovations and improvements were undertaken in the Neues Schloss, through an investment valued at approximately 9,000,000 Euro.

The size and layout of the Neues Schloss, which is situated on an approximately 23,000 m2 tract of land complete with landscaped gardens, allow for a wide variety of uses for the property. The 1,485 m² of usable living space are divided into 32 rooms, 12 full- and half-baths and 3 kitchen facilities. Additionally, there are more than 200 m² of adjacent nonliving space available for use.

The Neues Schloss is in move-in condition, without structural or technical flaws. Although it is currently inhabited, the Neues Schloss is available for occupancy at short notice.

The option exists to acquire two additional adjacent lots, the approximately 39,400 m² “Schlosswiese” (Castle Meadow) offering multiple opportunities for development, and the approximately 3,300 m² “Alte Gärtnerei” (Old Nursery).